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Giant Bombcast 757: Comic Sans 2

2022-09-27 08:36 Giant Bombcast

We're joined by Niki Grayson for today's Giant Bombcast! We discuss going Blobbo mode, NBA 2k23, Sessions: Skate Sim, the Modern Warefare 2 Beta, Prodeus, the return of E3, and much more!

Mr. Rorie Sits Down with the Developer of Mr. Shifty

2022-09-27 38:43 Features

We've hear Matthew Rorie gush about his love for Mr. Shifty, but now Rorie gets the chance to sit down with one of the developers behind the game, Ben Marrinan!

Quick Look: Shovel Knight Dig

2022-09-26 30:59 Quick Looks

It's safe to say that Dan and Grubb are diggin' this new Shovel Knight!

Splat-Off: Giant Bomb VS. Nextlander (and Abby!)

2022-09-26 43:46 Features

We got with our favorite internet friends to engage in some healthy competition! Let's see which group of squid kids can splat the most!

Game Mess Mornings 09/26/2022

2022-09-26 03:35 Features

Grubb is joined by Natalie Flores to talk about the RETURN of E3 and other assorted news on this lovely Monday!

Best of Giant Bomb: Dear Giant Bomb 009 - Sexy Mario, Slutty Glizzy

2022-09-24 15:14 Best of Giant Bomb

We take your calls and emails and discover a Sexy Mario and an even sexier banana-dawg.

Unprofessional Fridays: Hyrule Hustle

2022-09-23 06:08 Features

WELCOME TO THE HYRULE HUSTLE where Dan Ryckert has devised the most chaotic race possible for Jeff Grubb and Jess O'Brien to participate in! There's apples, chugging, backflipping, and even more chaos!

Dan Plays Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Part 3

2022-09-23 58:00 Features

What IS an Iblis Trigger? Are we an iblis?

Game Mess Mornings 09/23/2022

2022-09-23 50:24 Features

Grubb is joined by Mike Minotti to discuss The GTAVI Hacker, the Mario Movie, and more!

Voicemail Dump Truck 41

2022-09-22 24:00 Features

The Voicemail Dump Truck may be the most honest look at what makes the staff tick.