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Pyramid Warp


A maze game for MSX. Players must uncover a hidden ring on each floor of the pyramid in order to activate a teleporter to the next one.

  • MSX
  • Kung-Fu Taikun


    A kung fu-themed puzzle-platformer arcade game by Seibu Kaihatsu, where you knock on doors to find matching icons. It features use of a microphone, which is use...

  • MSX
  • Arcade
  • Bōken Roman


    An action-RPG from System Soft.

  • MSX
  • PC
  • NEC PC-8801
  • Hi no Tori: Hōō-hen


    Hi no Tori: Hōō-hen (Fire Bird: Fènghuáng Edition) is an auto-scrolling vertical shoot-'em-up from Konami. It is based on the fifth volume of Osamu Tezuka's...

  • MSX
  • Reflex


    A Breakout variant published by Players Software.

  • Amstrad CPC
  • MSX
  • Emerald Isle


    One of many classic text adventures from Level 9.

  • MSX
  • Atari 8-bit
  • BBC Micro
  • Memotech MTX
  • Alibaba and 40 Thieves


    Control the legendary Ali Baba in this early maze game from Sega.

  • MSX
  • Arcade
  • Burger Kitchen


    Burger Kitchen is a burger-themed puzzle game. "Clear" burgers by placing ingredients in the right order.

  • MSX
  • Game Boy Color
  • Namcot Game Series 1


    Six titles for the MSX in this early Namco compilation.

  • MSX
  • Namcot Game Series 2


    A compilation of Namco(t) games for MSX.

  • MSX