Free augmented reality game for the PS Vita where you detonate fireworks before they crash into the ground.
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Fireworks is a free downloadable augmented reality game developed by Exient Entertainment for the PlayStation Vita. In it, the player uses the touchscreen to detonate fireworks overlaid on live footage from the Vita's camera. The game features three different gameplay modes, and a total of 152 different types of fireworks to unlock.


The gameplay consists of tapping the onscreen fireworks at the right time to detonate it for points. The closer to the rocket's apex detonation happens, the more points the points the player gets. If the player misses a rocket entirely and lets it crash back into the ground, he loses a life, and after three lost lives the game ends.

The game has three gameplay modes - Tabletop, Infinite, and Challenges. In Tabletop, the player populates an area with 1 to 3 Vita AR cards, which become houses that launch the fireworks. In Infinite, AR cards are not used, the rockets are instead launched in a wider area than is viewable on the Vita's screen, and player must move the Vita around to find all of them. The Challenges mode provides dozens of specific challenges to complete, with a gold/silver/bronze performance rating.

Tabletop and Infinite modes have both local and online leaderboards, and progress in all three modes unlocks new fireworks.