FantaVision is a PlayStation 2 launch title that is a puzzle game based on quick color recognition.


Fantavision is a PS2 game where the object of the game is to make fireworks. During gameplay various colors scroll alongside the screen and the objective is to connect three colors together and detonate them. Chains however can be longer than three colors, and there are various power-ups that can be chained together to make multicolored combos. There is a meter on the screen, and if it runs out, (by missing too many colors) it's game over. Unlike most puzzlers, Fantavision is actually a level based game. There is no endless mode at all to speak of. At the end of each level, players can save their firework display and replay it from a variety of different camera angles and through various filters. Also just to be weird there are 1960's styled retro-future, live action vignettes that appear between levels,