Atari 2600 homebrew which combines the gameplay of Pong and Joust.


FlapPing, designed by Kirk Israel, is a Pong-inspired competitive game which incorporates elements of Joust and Warlords.  In similar fashion to Pong, two players (or a single player against an AI opponent) control paddles on opposite sides of the play field, with the aim of deflecting a bouncing ball to prevent it from touching their respective edge of the screen.  However, instead of directly controlling the vertical position of the paddle, the player uses the action button to make their winged paddle flap upwards against gravity. 
When the ball hits a paddle, it is reflected in the other direction, at the same speed that the paddle that hit it was when it struck the ball.  Additionally, a pterodactyl (in additional homage to Joust) flies around the field of play.  Upon touching the ball, the pterodactyl will reflect it in the opposite direction; upon striking a player, the player's paddle briefly falls to the ground. 
The left difficulty switch controls the horizontal speed of the ball.  Position A will make the ball move faster than Position B.  The right difficulty switch is not used.

Game Modes 

FlapPing includes singleplayer and mutliplayer modes, with two levels of AI opponents to play against, as well as two modes of play.  In a "Classic" game, a player scores a point when the ball bounces against his opponent's side of the field.  The first player to score 10 points wins.  In the "Poorlords" game (in homage to Warlords), a destructible wall guards each player's edge of the court.  The ball will chip away at the wall, and hitting the edge of the field behind the wall scores the player a point.  In this mode, the first player to score 3 points wins. 
The individual game modes are:  
  • Game 1: Player vs. Computer; Classic
  • Game 2: Player vs. Computer; Poorlords
  • Game 3: Player vs. Easy Computer; Classic
  • Game 4: Player vs. Easy Computer; Poorlords
  • Game 5: Player vs. Player; Classic
  • Game 6: Player vs. Player; Poorlords