Unreal Tournament

A multiplayer-focused spin-off of the 1998 first-person shooter Unreal, bringing a new assortment of gameplay options, weaponry, arenas, and playable characters.


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Unreal Tournament is a multiplayer-focused sci-fi fantasy first-person shooter developed by both Epic Games and Digital Extremes and published by GT Interactive for the PC in November 30, 1999.

Originally planned to be a multiplayer add-on to the original Unreal, Unreal Tournament became a fast-paced multiplayer-oriented spinoff that spawned its own series of games. Set sometime after the events of Unreal (in the year 2341, later retconned to 2293), the game details a professional league of legalized no-holds-barred gladiatorial combat created by the Liandri Mining Corporation and New Earth Government.

Along with a new assortment of game modes (including capture the flag and an asymmetrical mission-based mode), the game includes a single-player campaign where players must progress through numerous progressively-difficult matches against A.I.-controlled players to win the Liandri Grand Tournament. Similar to its rival Quake III Arena, the game features a wide variety of different locales for the game's arenas. Along with the alien temples reminiscent of the original Unreal, these locales include ancient monasteries (inspired by Gothic and medieval architecture), dystopian cityscapes, and futuristic sci-fi installations.

The game received ports to the Mac on January 19, 2000, the PlayStation 2 on October 26, 2000, and the Dreamcast (by Secret Level) on March 14, 2001. Both PS2 and DC versions were published by Infogrames. A Linux version was released alongside the original as a downloadable installer. The PC version received a special re-release on October 27, 2000, known as Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition, that included various content updates (known as Bonus Packs) and two optional community-made mods (Rocket Arena: UT and ChaosUT) while removing disc-based DRM. This version was included in multiple game compilations (including the 2001 Totally Unreal and the 2006 Unreal Anthology).

The GOTY edition, sans the community-made mods, was digitally re-released by Epic Games themselves in multiple digital storefronts beginning on March 17, 2008. With the closure of GameSpy's servers, Epic Games updated the game in 2014 to manage the multiplayer master server themselves. However, all digital versions were later delisted on December 23, 2022 and the master servers were closed on January 24, 2023, requiring players to manually configure their settings for community-managed master servers.

Game Modes

By default, the game includes six different game modes (with most of the game modes in the original Unreal removed):

  • Deathmatch - Standard deathmatch. Earn points by killing enemies and lose points by suicide.
  • Team Deathmatch - Deathmatch with players split up into one of four color-coded teams: Red, Blue, Green, and Gold. Earn points as a team by killing enemies and lose points as a team by both suicide and killing with friendly fire.
  • Last Man Standing - All players start each match with a limited amount of lives, which deplete as players respawn. Once a player loses all their lives, they can no longer respawn. The last player to have lives remaining wins the game.
  • Domination - Team-based mode (for up to four teams), where players fight for control over three neutral control points. Teams gain control over neutral and enemy zones by having a player run over them. Every few seconds, teams earn score for how many points they control.
  • Capture the Flag - Team-based mode (for up to two teams), where teams earn points by taking their opposing team's flag and bringing it to their own flag post with their own flag intact.
  • Assault - An asymmetrical team-based objective mode (for up to two teams), where both teams take turns being Attackers and Defenders. Attackers must complete a series of map-based objectives (from flipping switches to destroying machinery) within a time limit, while Defenders must prevent them from doing so. Each match has two rounds, and if the first-round Attackers complete all of their objectives, the second-round Attackers must complete all of their objectives in a faster time in order to win the match.

Additional game modes can be applied using game mods.

Along with special game modifiers (known as "mutators", see the Mutators section below), the game includes a variety of options that each server host can set. These include the game's score and time limits, gameplay speed, player air control, whether or not to use the Translocator, weapon spawning, and a "Tournament" setting (where all players must indicate that they are ready prior to the match starting). Team-based modes also have access to friendly fire reduction and a limit on how many teams are playing.

The game also allows server hosts to add up to 32 A.I. controlled players (or "bots"). In addition to name, apperance, and skill adjustment (which can be automatic or manually set), each bot has a wide variety of options for their combat style (including their weapon preference, accuracy, alertness, aggressiveness, and willingness to strafe and/or jump).

There are three "game styles" that can also be set: Classic, Hardcore (which further increases the game speed by +10% and doubles all damage), or Turbo (which increases the movement speed of all players by +40%). In the Challenge Ladder of the single-player campaign, the game is set to a secret game style, named Lightning (which is the same as Hardcore, but with the speed further increased by +15%).


The base game includes 13 weapons (one of which, the Translocator, is used more for utility), each of which has two firing modes (Primary Fire and Secondary Fire). Some weapons from the original Unreal return with new appearances and revamped functionaliy.

Additional weapons can be included using mods and mutators.

Impact Hammer

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(Weapon Slot 1)

The standard melee weapon for all combatants, the Impact Hammer is a miner's tunneling tool optimized for dealing deadly piston power in a close range. Unless certain mutators are activated, all players start with this weapon.

  • Primary Fire: Deals a close-ranged piston attack, dealing damage and knocking them away. Holding down the Fire button instead causes the piston to charge up, dealing increased damage and knockback when the player releases the Fire button.
  • Secondary Fire: Deals a quicker version of the Primary Fire attack, with an added ability to deflect projectiles with the right timing. Unlike Primary Fire, holding down the Fire button causes the player to repeat the same attack.

In addition to its potentially-deadly close-ranged attack, players can fire at the ground while jumping to perform a "hammer jump" to propel themselves up farther up than a standard jump.


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(Weapon Slot 2)

The standard semi-automatic handgun for all combatants, the Enforcer is the successor to the Automag from Unreal. Known for its high-powered shots, Unless certain mutators are activated, all players start with this weapon equipped.

  • Primary Fire: Standard weapon fire at a rapid-fire rate.
  • Secondary Fire: Fires the weapon in a sideways-tilted "gangsta style" fashion, sacrificing accuracy for a faster rapid-fire rate.

Unlike other weapons, players can collect an additional Enforcer to dual wield them for double the firing rate (with no drawback).

Bio Rifle

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(Weapon Slot 3)

Returning from Unreal, the Bio Rifle (also known as the G.E.S. Bio Rifle) launches globs of toxic Tarydium waste that stick onto surfaces.

  • Primary Fire: Launches simple clumps of sludge in a rapid-fire rate.
  • Secondary Fire: Launches simple clumps of sludge. Holding down the Fire button instead slowly charges up the Bio Rifle with additional ammo, launching a much larger wad of sludge when the player releases the Fire button. Larger wads deal additional damage on direct impact and, when impacting other surfaces, burst into smaller clumps of sludge.

While these globs are deadly on direct impact, they also explode shortly after being adhered to surfaces (dealing damage to enemies near it).

Shock Rifle

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(Weapon Slot 4)

Returning from Unreal, the Shock Rifle (also known as the ASMD Shock Rifle) is a multi-purpose energy rifle. Along with an accurate burst of energy (similar to the Railgun from Quake II), it can also fire a large slow-moving projectile.

  • Primary Fire: Fires instantaneous beams of energy with pin-point accuracy in a slow rapid-fire rate.
  • Secondary Fire: Launches powerful slow-moving energy projectiles (later known as the "Shock Ball" or "Shock Core") in a rapid-fire rate.

As a more-advanced technique, players can shoot the Secondary Fire energy projectiles with the Primary Fire energy blast to cause the unstable projectile to explode, dealing its direct-impact damage to all enemies in its blast radius.

A second version of the Shock Rifle, also known as the Enhanced Shock Rifle (or "Instagib Rifle"), is only used when the InstaGib mutator is enabled. While their Secondary Fire functionality is disabled, all attacks with them instantly kill enemies.

Pulse Gun

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(Weapon Slot 5)

The Pulse Gun is a multi-purpose multi-barrel plasma rifle. Along with its ability to fire weak plasma projectiles in a very fast rate, users can also emit a constant stream of plasma energy.

  • Primary Fire: Fires fast-moving glowing green orbs of plasma in a very fast rapid-fire rate.
  • Secondary Fire: Expels a constant beam of green plasma energy (with a limited reach) as long as the Fire button is held down.

Due to a technicality with the game's physics (involving how the Secondary Fire beam is constructed from smaller beam objects), players can deal higher damage with the Secondary Fire by moving forwards and backwards when attacking an enemy. This is known in-game as the "Saw Effect".


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(Weapon Slot 6)

The successor to the Skaarj "Razorjack", the Ripper is a ballistic blade launcher that fires razor-sharp circular blades (known in-game as "razor blades"). These blades can be launched as-is (allowing them to bounce off of surfaces and deal powerful headshot damage) or as an explosive projectile.

  • Primary Fire: Launches standard blades in a rapid-fire rate. These blades deal additional damage when it strikes the heads of enemies and bounce off of surfaces (six times before being automatically destroyed).
  • Secondary Fire: Launches explosive blades in a slower rapid-fire rate. While they deal no headshot damage nor bounce off of surfaces, they explode on impact (dealing damage to nearby enemies).


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(Weapon Slot 7)

Returning from Unreal, the Minigun is a standard portable gatling gun that sprays bullets. Their ammunition pool is shared with the Enforcer and can be fired with either better accuracy or higher rate-of-fire.

Classification: Gatling Gun

  • Primary Fire: Standard weapon fire at a fast rapid-fire rate.
  • Secondary Fire: Alternate weapon fire that sacrifices accuracy for a faster rapid-fire rate.

Flak Cannon

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(Weapon Slot 8)

Returning from Unreal, the Flak Cannon is a handheld cannon that serves as both the game's shotgun (as it launches chunks of scrap metal at a wide spread) and grenade launcher (as it can also launch a powerful impact grenade projectile).

  • Primary Fire: Sprays blasts of shrapnel at a slow rapid-fire rate. Each piece of shrapnel can bounce off of a single surface.
  • Secondary Fire: Launches a Flak Grenade at a slower rapid-fire rate. These grenades explode on impact, dealing high damage in its blast radius and launching additional shrapnel.

Rocket Launcher

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(Weapon Slot 9)

The successor of the Skaarj "Eightball Launcher", the Rocket Launcher is a multi-barrel launcher that fires volleys of rocket-propelled grenades. In addition, these grenades can be lobbed like a standard grenade launcher (allowing them to bounce off of surfaces).

  • Primary Fire: Launches a slow-moving pinpoint-accurate rocket-propelled grenade that explodes on direct impact. Holding down the Fire button slowly loads additional rockets that can be launched simultaneously (either when six rockets are loaded, the player runs out of additional grenades, or when the player releases the Fire button), before repeating the process over. Pressing the Secondary Fire button while loading rockets instantly launches them in a tight spiral formation (instead of a wide horizontal spread).
  • Secondary Fire: Lobs a grenade without being rocket-propelled. At the cost of it being affected by gravity, it can be bounced off of a surface. Up to five additional grenades can be loaded in the same fashion as Primary Fire. Pressing the Primary Fire button while loading grenades instantly launches them in a tight cluster (instead of a wide spread).

Additionally, players can fire homing rockets by keeping their weapon pointed at an opponent, until their cursor is changed, before launching the rockets in Primary Fire mode.

Optionally, players can turn on Instant Rockets from their configuration menu to replace the multi-loading mechanism of Primary Fire with a single-shot mechanism standard in other first-person shooters. With this option enabled, holding down the Primary Fire button launches rockets sequentially in a slow rapid-fire pace.

Sniper Rifle

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(Weapon Slot 0)

Returning from Unreal, the Sniper Rifle is a semi-automatic high-powered marksman rifle with a usable sniper scope with multi-level zooming (at up to 8.3x magnification). It is the only weapon (along with the Ripper) that deals additional damage on headshots (causing decapitation if it is the final blow), and is the only weapon where Secondary Fire instead alters the weapon's magnification.

  • Primary Fire: Standard firing mode, firing a pinpoint-accurate high-powered shot in a slow rapid-fire rate.
  • Secondary Fire: Toggles the sniper scope. Holding down the Fire button when enabling the scope increases its magnification.


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(Weapon Slot 0)

One of the rarest weapons to find in the game (and the most powerful), the Redeemer is a handheld single-shot thermonuclear launcher that fires a large slow-moving missile. When the missile strikes a solid surface (or other object), it sends out a gigantic shockwave that instantly pulverizes every enemy in its colossal blast radius. Along with standard fire, players can guide the missile's path using an on-board camera (where it can be detonated mid-air).

  • Primary Fire: Standard firing mode.
  • Secondary Fire: Same as Primary Fire, only the player is then controlling the missile's trajectory using using an on-board camera. While controlling the missile, they have no control over their character's movement or vision. By pressing either Fire button, the missile can be detonated mid-air.

Missiles launched by this weapon can be shot at by enemy gunfire, causing it to prematurely explode like a standard Rocket Launcher rocket without triggering its payload.


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(Weapon Slot 1)

An antique gas-powered wood-cutting tool, the Chainsaw is rarely found in the arena. It delivers devastating close-range damage, although it makes a loud and easily-recognizable roar when equipped.

  • Primary Fire: Thrusts the revved-up chainsaw forward for a quick cut. Holding down the Fire button continuously holds the chainsaw forward for constant cutting.
  • Secondary Fire: Swings the revved-up chainsaw horizontally, allowing for instant decapitation if it hits the head. Its recovery time is very slow, and can be rapidly-swung by holding down the Fire button.


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(Weapon Slot 1)

A handheld personal teleportation device consisting of a source module (which the user holds) and a destination module (a disc which is launched from the source module). It is a multi-purpose device, allowing players to escape from danger, reach areas impossible by other means, and navigate through difficult areas easier. All players start with this weapon if it is enabled for the match.

  • Primary Fire: Launches the Destination Module in an arc. Pressing it again while the Destination Module is out causes it to instantly teleport back to the Source Module.
  • Secondary Fire: Attempts to teleport the user to the location of the Destination Module, teleporting the Destination Module back to the Source Module.

While it's used as a utility device, it can also serve as a weapon by telefragging enemies (instantly killing them if done successfully). This is done by having an opponent directly on the location of the Destination Module and then teleporting them.

As a note, teleporting with the Translocator while holding the Flag in Capture the Flag mode causes that player to drop the Flag. In addition, the Destination Module is highly-noticable and can be shot by enemy gunfire. Attempting to teleport to a broken Destination Module causes that player to instantly die.


Powerups can also be collected to give the advantage to the player.

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Thigh Pads

Adds 50 points to Armor

No Caption Provided

Body Armor

Adds 100 points to Armor

No Caption Provided

Shield Belt

Adds 150 points to Armor

No Caption Provided

Relic of Defense

Absorbs 60% of damage which doesn't include normal armor.

No Caption Provided

Anti Grav Boots

Gives the ability to jump higher.

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Damage Amplifier

Increases damage of all weapons for a certain amount of time.

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Grants the player the ability to become invisible for a certain amount of time.

Characters, Skins & Teams

Iron Guard

Player Skin/Model: Soldier (Soldier)

The game's default choice for starting new campaigns, composed of elite soldiers and former bodyguards.

  • Brock
  • Lauren
  • Johnson
  • Rylisa
  • Harlin
  • Shyann (does not appear in single-player)
  • Rankin (does not appear in single-player)
  • Sara (does not appear in single-player)

Black Legion

Player Skin/Model: Necris (Commando)

Assassins and cultists from a mysterious secret society known as Phayder, the Black Legion is comprised of the mysterious Necris race.

  • Visse
  • Malakai
  • Freylis
  • Kragoth
  • Cryss
  • Necrotic (does not appear in single-player)
  • Malise (does not appear in single-player)
  • Grail (does not appear in single-player)

Blood Reavers

Player Skin/Model: Mercenary (Commando)

A group of ruthless mercenaries seeking fame and fortune.

  • Jayce
  • Luthor
  • Mariana
  • Boris
  • Kyla
  • Ramirez (does not appear in single-player)
  • Tanya (does not appear in single-player)
  • Graves (does not appear in single-player)

Raw Steel

Player Skin/Model: Raw Steel (Soldier, male only)

An elite male-only faction of warriors that value strength and power over everything else.

  • Arkon
  • Bruce
  • Kregore
  • Manwell
  • Slain
  • Rolph (same appearance as Kregore, only appears once in the single-player PC GOTY edition when not playing as part of Raw Steel)


Player Skin/Model: Venom (Soldier, female only)

An elite faction of female warriors and athletes.

  • Zanna
  • Tara
  • Sarena
  • Cilia
  • Athena

Dark Phalanx

Player Skin/Model: Commando (Commando)

A team comprised of military specialists and veterans of the Human-Skaarj War.

  • Anna
  • Gorn
  • Nikita
  • Farham (named "Blake" in the player configuration)
  • Ivana
  • Whitman (does not appear in single-player)
  • Gromida (does not appear in single-player)
  • Nickolai (does not appear in single-player)

Thunder Crash

Player Skin/Model: Marine (Soldier)

A stylish all-rounder team.

  • Riker
  • Malcom
  • Aryss
  • Azure
  • Othello
  • Annaka (only appears once in the single-player PC GOTY edition when playing as part of Raw Steel)
  • Olga (does not appear in single-player)
  • Ryanna (does not appear in single-player)

The Corrupt

Player Skin/Model: War Machine (Soldier)

While the models were always in the base game and were opponents in the Deathmatch (PC) and Challenge (consoles) ladders, the team itself was added to the campaign in the Console versions. They are not playable in the single-player campaign.

Sponsored by Liandri themselves, these "war machines" are androids reprogrammed into slave warriors for the entertainment of Tournament champion Xan Kriegor.

  • Vector
  • Cathode
  • Matrix
  • Fury (goes by the names Divisor and Enigma in the PC version of the Tournament)
  • Tensor
  • Lilith (goes by the names Silicon and Function in the PC version of the Tournament)

Skaarj Hybrids

Added in Bonus Pack 1, with the teams themselves added to the campaign in the GOTY edition. They are not playable in the single-player campaign.

The result of a secret military genetic research by the New Earth Government, combining the DNA of both humans and the brutal warriors of the Skaarj alien race. Two teams composed of these Human-Skaarj Hybrids are enlisted in the tournament to determine if they can become the leading force in military operations.

In addition to the Pit Fighter (Iron Skull) and Arena Warrior (Red Claw) skins, the game includes two Cyber Warrior skins: Disconnect and Firewall. One of them, Disconnect, is part of the Iron Skull team.

Iron Skull

Player Skin/Model: Pit Fighter (Skaarj Hybrid)

  • Reaper (Cyborg Warrior skin, named "Disconnect" in the player configuration)
  • Baetal
  • Pharoh
  • Skrilax
  • Anthrax (same appearance as Baetal)
  • Entropy (same appearance as Pharoh)

Red Claw

Player Skin/Model: Arena Warrior (Skaarj Hybrid)

  • Dominator
  • Berserker
  • Guardian
  • Devestator (same appearance as Dominator)
  • Pestilence (same appearance as Berserker)
  • Plague (same appearance as Guardian)

Other Opponents

These bots only appear in specific parts of the Deathmatch Ladder, each with their own unique backstory. Some of these bots use skins from teams that are not otherwise shown (including Green and Gold team colors).

Some characters from the teams above also fight in the Deathmatch Ladder, while some characters may have the same name and appearance but with a different backstory (such as Anna, who despite the same appearance is an ex-circus performer)

  • Based on Soldier: Nikki (female civilian, Lauren), Xoleras (male executioner, Harlin), Arys (female soldier, Rlyisa)
  • Based on Necris: Kryss (female blademaiden, Cryss/Freylis), Cadaver (male murderer, Necrotic), Loque (male phayder, Malakai), Leeb (male phayder, Kragoth)
  • Based on Mercenary: Calameth (male soldier, Luthor), Cali (female criminal, Kyla), Lexington (male gunfighter, Boris), Fuego (male criminal, Boris), Gilfred (male miner, Graves), Tahjeri (female civilian, Jayce), Rhea (female specialist, Mariana), Ice Weasel (male specialist, Luthor), Andrew (male criminal, Boris), Drimacus (male warrior, Ramirez)
  • Based on Raw Steel / Venom: Raven (male criminal, Bruce), Hijinxs (male, Kregore), Darhl (male psychotic, Manwell), Botanika (male criminal, Arkon), Toe Cutter (male criminal, Slain)
  • Based on Commando: Blake (male arena fighter, Blake), Luthienne (female civilian, Ivana), Archon (male psychotic, Nickolai), Bart (male economist, Whitman), Vanessa (female psychotic, Gromida), Anna (female civilian, Anna)
  • Based on Marine: Jayce (female civilian, Olga), Genghis (male raider/prisoner, Othello), Azure (female criminal, Azure), Dovienya (female veteran soldier, Ryanna), Deslok (male warrior, Malcom)
  • Based on Metal Guard (see Other Skins): Arkoth 24 (male psychotic, Drake), Rath (male warrior, Wraith), Damascus (male assassin, Wraith), Barktooth (male psychotic, Drake)

Other Skins

  • Xan - The final boss of the game. A powerful android and the champion of previous Tournaments (even before they were illegitimate). Unlocked as a playable skin after completing the game. In the console versions, he received an improved appearance that was later added to the PC version in Bonus Pack 4 (named Xan Mark II). The PC version of Xan Mark II cannot be used with custom skins without an unofficial patch.
  • Metal Guard (Soldier, male) - Has four default appearances: Drake, Radkin, Wraith, and Von.
  • Metal Guard (Soldier, female) - Has four default appearances: Isis, Risa, Tasha, and Vixen.
  • Aphex (Commando, female) - Has two default appearances: Idina and Portia.
  • Nali - Added in Bonus Pack 1. A deeply religious and spiritual race indigenous to Na Pali, with some renouncing their pacifist ways after being enslaved by the Skaarj. Has two default skins: Ouboudah and Priest.
  • Nali WarCow - Added in Bonus Pack 1. A peaceful bipedal animal native to Na Pali, converted by the Skaarj for fighting purposes. Has two default skins: WarCow and AtomicCow.
  • Damien - Console version only. The first of four bosses and a leading contender to win the Tournament.
  • Rampage - Originally added in the console version, Rampage is the second of four bosses and an android built by Liandri using Skaarj technology. He was later added in the PC version through Bonus Pack 4 (named WarBoss) and cannot use custom skins without a special unofficial patch.
  • Dominator - Console version only. The third of four bosses and a full-blooded Skaarj warrior.

PS2 Roster

Unlike the PC version, where players can customize their appearance with numerous models, skins, and voice packs, the PS2 version presents the entire playable roster in a character select screen (reminiscent of fighting games).

  • Brock
  • Lauren
  • Idina
  • Tasha
  • Malcolm
  • Olga
  • Ivana
  • Luthor
  • Mariana
  • Thunder
  • Kregore
  • Firewall (unlockable)
  • Guardian (unlockable)
  • Throk (unlockable)
  • Matrix (unlockable)
  • Fury (unlockable)
  • Kragoth (unlockable)
  • Freylis (unlockable)
  • Von (unlockable)
  • Whitman (unlockable)
  • Zanna (unlockable)
  • Damien (unplayable sub-boss)
  • Rampage (unplayable sub-boss)
  • Dominator (unplayable sub-boss)
  • Xan (unplayable final boss)


The base game includes 53 playable maps, each split into four map types (with Deathmatch maps also supporting Team Deathmatch and Last Man Standing modes). Players can also import deathmatch maps from Unreal, which automatically replaces Unreal-specific weapons and items with their UT-counterparts.


Original Release

  • CB - Cliff Bleszinski
  • EC - Elliot 'Myscha' Cannon
  • SC - Shane Caudle
  • PE - Juan Pancho 'XceptOne' Eekels
  • DE - Dave Ewing
  • CF - Cedric 'Inoxx' Fiorentino
  • AW - Alan 'Talisman' Willard

Joined Post-Release

  • SR - Sydney 'Clawfist' Rauchberger
  • EB - Eric 'Ebolt' Boltjes
  • RE - Rich 'Akuma' Eastwood
  • WM - Warren Marshall
  • PC - Phil Cole


Base Maps

  • Codex of Wisdom (DM-Codex, CB, 2-8 players, Mission Landing)
  • Conveyor (DM-Conveyor, SC, 6-12 players, Run)
  • Curse ][ (DM-Curse][, CB, 4-12 players, The Course)
  • Death Match Tutorial (DM-Tutorial, SC, The Course) - Used for the mode's tutorial sequence. Also included in the demo release.
  • Deck16 ][ (DM-Deck16][, EC, 2-16 players, Go Down)
  • Fetid Sewers (DM-Fetid, CF, 2-6 players, Nether Animal)
  • Floating Pyramid (DM-Pyramid, CF, 8 players, Mechanism Eight)
  • Fractal Reactor (DM-Fractal, DE, 2-4 players, Mechanism Eight)
  • Gothic (DM-Gothic, SC, 6-16 players, Razorback)
  • Grinder (DM-Grinder, EC, 4-10 players, Fire Breath)
  • HyperBlast (DM-HyperBlast, CF/PE, 2-8 players, Go Down)
  • Ice Station Zeto (DM-Zeto, AW, 4-12 players, Mechanism Eight)
  • Koos Galleon (DM-KGalleon, PE, 4-12 players, Lock)
  • Liandri Central Core (DM-Liandri, AW, 2-14 players, Razorback)
  • Morbias ][ (DM-Morbias][, EC, 2-6 players, Run)
  • Morpheus (DM-Morpheus, DE, 3-6 players, Save Me) - Also included in the demo release.
  • Oblivion (DM-Oblivion, PE, 2-3 players, Nether Animal)
  • Orion's Barricade (DM-Barricade, CB, 6-12 players, Phantom)
  • The Peak Monastery (DM-Peak, PE, 6-8 players, Razorback)
  • Phobos Moon (DM-Phobos, CF, 4-8 players, Botpack #9) - Also included in the demo release.
  • Pressure (DM-Pressure, PE, 4-12 players, Fire Breath)
  • Stalwart / Stalwart XL (DM-Stalwart / DM-StalwartXL, AW, 2-3 / 4-6 players, Into the Darkness)
  • Tempest (DM-Tempest, CB, 4-16 players, BotMCA #10) - Also included in the demo release.
  • Turbine (DM-Turbine, CB, 4-8 players, Run) - Also included in the demo release.

Bonus Pack 1-3 / GOTY Maps

  • Arcane Temple (DM-ArcaneTemple, SC, 3-8 players, Lock) - Bonus Pack 1.
  • The Cranes (DM-Crane, CF, 8-16 players, Fire Breath) - Bonus Pack 3.
  • Cybrosis ][ (DM-Cybrosis][, AW, 3-8 players, Phantom) - Bonus Pack 1.
  • HealPod ][ (DM-HealPod][, CB/AW, 2-8 players, Superfist) - Bonus Pack 1.
  • Malevolence (DM-Malevolence, RE, 2-6 players, Foregone Destruction) - Bonus Pack 1.
  • Mojo ][ (DM-Mojo][, CB, 4-12 players, Fire Breath) - Bonus Pack 1.
  • The Pit of Agony (DM-Agony, SR, 4-12 players, The Course) - Bonus Pack 1.
  • Shrapnel ][ (DM-Shrapnel][, CB, 6-16 players, Run) - Bonus Pack 1.
  • Space Noxx (DM-SpaceNoxx, CF, 2-6 players, Foregone Destruction) - Bonus Pack 3.

Bonus Pack 4 Maps

  • Bishop (DM-Bishop, EB, The Course)
  • Closer Resolution (DM-Closer, AW, 2-6 players, Lock)
  • Grit (DM-Grit-TOURNEY, EB, 2-8 players, The Course)
  • Viridian Dreams (DM-Viridian-TOURNEY, RE, 2-6 players, Botpack #9)

Console-Exclusive Maps

  • Brickyard (2-6 players)
  • Canyon Fear (PE, 2-4 players)
  • Coagulate (WM)
  • Flux (PE, 2-4 players)
  • Halberd (WM, 2-6 players)
  • Industrial (WM, 2-6 players)
  • Hood (CF, 4 players)
  • Infernal (EB, 2-4 players)
  • Instinct (EB, 2-4 players)
  • Loathing (WM, 2-4 players)
  • Nebula (WM, 2-6 players)
  • Outskirts (WM, 2-6 players) - Exclusive to SegaNet subscribers in the DC version.
  • Pantheon (WM, 2-6 players)
  • Sorayama (AW, 2-6 players)

The console versions of the game also included maps based on the small "multi-arenas" of three maps developed by the original mappers for the Rocket Arena: UT mod.

Originally part of RA-Akuma:

  • Cold Steel Pressure (RE, 2-4 players)
  • Babylon (RE, 2-4 players)
  • NeoTokyo (RE, 2-4 players)
  • Sector 9 (RE, 2-4 players)
  • Underlord (RE, 2-4 players)

Originally part of RA-CliffyB:

  • Dust (CB, 2-4 players)
  • GearBox (CB, 2-4 players)
  • Girder (CB, 2-4 players)
  • Google (CB, 2-4 players)
  • Paladin (CB, 2-4 players)

Originally part of RA-Inoxx:

  • Block Party (CF, 2-6 players)
  • Megaplex (CF, 2-6 players) - Exclusive to SegaNet subscribers in the DC version.
  • Singularity (CF, 2-6 players)
  • Station Control (CF, 2-4 players)

Capture the Flag

Base Maps

  • Coret Facility (CTF-Coret, AW, 6-12 players, Fire Breath) - Also included in the demo release.
  • CTF Trainer Level (CTF-Tutorial, CB, The Course) - Used for the mode's tutorial sequence. Also included in the demo release.
  • Dreary Outpost (CTF-Dreary, SC, 8-12 players, The Course)
  • Eternal Caves (CTF-EternalCave, PE, 4-8 players, Foregone Destruction)
  • Facing Worlds (CTF-Face, CF, 4-10 players, Foregone Destruction)
  • The Iron Gauntlet (CTF_Gauntlet, CB, 6-8 players, Mission Landing)
  • The Last Command (CTF-Command, EC, 6-8 players, Seeker)
  • The Lava Giant (CTF-LavaGiant, PE, 8-12 players, Skyward Fire)
  • Niven Experimental Lab (CTF-Niven, AW, 6-12 players, Run)
  • November Sub Pen (CTF-November, EC, 8-12 players, Seeker)

Bonus Pack 1-3 / GOTY Maps

  • Cybrosis ][ (CTF-Cybrosis][, AW, 4-12 players, Three Wheels Turning) - Bonus Pack 1. Alternate version of DM-Cybrosis][.
  • Darji Outpost #16-A (CTF-Darji16, AW, 12-16 players, Foregone Destruction) - Bonus Pack 1.
  • Facing Worlds ][ (CTF-Face][, CF, 4-10 players, Foregone Destruction) - Bonus Pack 3.
  • Hall of Giants (CTF-HallOfGiants, PE, 8-16 players, Nether Animal) - Bonus Pack 2.
  • High Towers (CTF-High, CF, 16 players, BotMCA #10) - Bonus Pack 3.
  • Hydro Bases (CTF-Hydro16, SR, 6-12 players, Run) - Bonus Pack 1.
  • Kosov Canyon (CTF-Kosov, CF, 14 players, Mission Landing) - Bonus Pack 3.
  • Noxion Base (CTF-Noxion16, SR, 6-16 players, Seeker 2) - Bonus Pack 1.
  • Nucleus Power Plant (CTF-Nucleus, CF, 12 players, The Course) - Bonus Pack 3.
  • Orbital Station 12 (CTF-Orbital, DE, 12-24 players, Save Me) - Bonus Pack 2.

Bonus Pack 4 Maps

  • EpicBoy (CTF-EpicBoy, WM, 6-10 players, Underworld 2)
  • Facing Worlds Special Edition (CTF-Face-SE, CF, 4-10 players, Foregone Destruction) - Same as CTF-Face, but with alternate weapon layouts and spawn locations.
  • Ratchet (CTF-Ratchet, SR, 8-12 players, Lock)
  • Temple of Beatitude (CTF-Beatitude, SR, 8-16 players, Nether Animal)

Console-Exclusive Maps

  • Phalanx
  • Sepulchre
  • Spirito
  • Stormfront
  • Sundial


Base Maps

  • Cinder Foundry (DOM-Cinder, CB, 6-12 players, Run)
  • Condemned (DOM-Condemned, DE, 6 players, Cannonade)
  • Cryptic (DOM-Cryptic, AW, 6-12 players, Enigma)
  • Domination Tutorial (DOM-Tutorial, CB, The Course) - Used for the mode's tutorial sequence. Also included in the demo release.
  • Gearbolt (DOM-Gearblot, CB, 6-12 players, Save Me)
  • Ghardhen (DOM-Ghardhen, AW, 6-12 players, Mechanism Eight)
  • Lament (DOM-Lament, AW, 2-4 players, Seeker)
  • Leadworks (DOM-Leadworks, EC, 6-12 players, Nether Animal)
  • Metal Dream (DOM-MetalDream, CF, 6-12 players, Fire Breath)
  • Olden Aquifier (DOM-Olden, AW, 4-6 players, Nether Animal)
  • Tomb of Sesmar (DOM-Sesmar, PE, 6-12 players, Underworld 2) - Also included in the demo release.

Bonus Pack 4 Maps

  • Bulletproof (DOM-Bullet, CB, 8-16 players, Go Down)
  • City Domination (DOM-CiDom, SR, 4-8 players, The Course)
  • Lament ][ (DOM-Lament][, RE/AW, 2-4 players)
  • Wolf's Bay (DOM-WolfsBay, PC, 6 players)

Console-Exclusive Maps

  • Coagulate (2-6 players) - Alternate version of DM-Coagulate. DC version only.
  • Hood - Alternate version of DM-Hood.
  • Osiris' Tomb (DE, 2-6 players)


  • Frigate (AS-Frigate, SC, 4-8 players, Mission Landing)
  • Guardia Fortress (AS-Guardia, CB, 6-12 players, The Course) - Also used for the mode's tutorial sequence.
  • HiSpeed (AS-HiSpeed, PE, 4-10 players, Mechanism Eight)
  • Mazon Fortress (AS-Mazon, SC, 8-12 players, Skyward Fire)
  • OceanFloor 'Station 5' (AS-OceanFloor, PE, 8-10 players, Nether Animal)
  • Operation Overlord (AS-Overlord, DE, 8-12 players, Mission Landing)
  • Rook (AS-Rook, AW, 6-10 players, Colossus)


One of the most unique characteristics of Unreal Tournament is its Mutator system, which are optional gameplay modifications that can be used with any game mode. Unlike traditional mods, Mutators only affect a limited portion of the gameplay (such as replacing all weapons with a particular one and enabling low gravity) and can be stacked on top of another.

  • Arena - Replaces every weapon and ammo pickup with the selected mutator's weapon. All players spawn with that weapon only instead of the default Enforcer and Impact Hammer loadout. The game comes with six mutators unlocked (Shock Rifle, Pulse Gun, Flak Cannon, Rocket Launcher, and Sniper Rifle), with two mutators (Impact Hammer and Minigun) available when modifying the game configuration files.
  • Chainsaw Melee - Replaces the Impact Hammer with the Chainsaw.
  • FatBoy - Increases each player's size as they gain frags, while decreasing them as they get fragged.
  • InstaGib - Removes all weapon and ammo pickups from the game while having all players spawn only with the infinite-ammo Enhanced Shock Rifle (which sacrifices the Shock Rifle's Secondary Fire for its shots instantly killing enemies).
  • Instant Rockets - Changes the Rocket Launcher so that its Primary Fire instead fires a single rocket in sequence (similar to traditional video game Rocket Launchers).
  • JumpMatch - Triples the jumping power of all players, allowing them to reach extreme heights.
  • Low Gravity - Reduces the gravity of all players and objects.
  • No Powerups - Removes all Shield Belt, Damage Amplifier, Big Keg O'Health, Invisibility, and Jump Boots powerups from the arena.
  • No Redeemer - Removes all Redeemer pickups from the arena.
  • Stealth - All players are invisible.
  • Relic - Added in Bonus Pack 1. Spawns a unique pickup based on the mutator chosen. Only one Relic is active at a time, and is only dropped either voluntarily or on death. The mutators are Defense (which grants infinite-use armor), Redemption (a one-use relic which allows players to teleport away with full health on a deadly blow), Regeneration (which grants health regeneration), Speed (which boosts movement speed), Strength (which grants double damage), and Vengeance (which causes the wielder's killer to explode after a short delay, dealing damage to nearby players).
  • Team Beacon - Added in Bonus Pack 2. All teammates show a special beacon above them to help differentiate friends from foes.
  • Volatile Ammo - Added in Bonus Pack 2. Shooting ammo pickups cause them to explode. Each explosion is unique to the ammo type (for example, Shock Rifle ammo either shoots Primary Fire beams or Secondary Fire orbs in numerous directions).
  • Volatile Weapon - Added in Bonus Pack 2. Killed players leave a weapon-based explosion (similar to Volatile Ammo).

PS2 Version

  • Big Head - Must be unlocked beforehand.
  • Fatboy - Same as PC version. Must be unlocked beforehand.
  • Hyper Speed - +30% game speed.
  • InstaGib - Same as PC version.
  • No Redeemer - Same as PC version.
  • No Powerups - Same as PC version. Also affects the health vial pickups.
  • SloMo - -50% game speed.
  • Stealth - Same as PC version. Must be unlocked beforehand.

Ports and Other Versions


No Caption Provided

The Sega Dreamcast version was converted by Secret Level. Despite coming out earlier, it was actually derived from the Playstation 2 version of the game with more features dropped due to system limitations. The game allowed for online multiplayer for up to eight players by utilizing the Dreamcast Modem or Dreamcast Broadband Adapter sold separately. The game also offered up to four player split-screen multiplayer offline with four controllers. Depending on the amount active players for split-screen modes, certain levels will not be available for selection due to their size and system limitations. Only one player per console can play online. The game also makes use of proprietary Dreamcast Keyboard and Dreamcast Mouse accessories as well as the MadCatz' Panther DC.

The game saw several modifications such as levels altered or sized down due to the system hardware. HUD elements are now represented by health bars and icons rather than numbered percentages. The female, robot and Nali War Cow avatars are removed. The game has also been censored due to standards placed by Sega. For example, the murals of naked women in the training level are redrawn. An exclusive level is available for paying members of SegaNet.

Playstation 2

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The Sony Playstation 2 version was developed in-house by Epic Games.The hardware allowed to lift some of the limitations seen on the Dreamcast version such as more complicated geometry, effects, crisper sound and retained the female and robot avatars as well as the Assault gametype. Four player split-screen multiplayer can be played with the use of the multi-tap peripheral or by plugging in USB-compatible keyboard or mouse perhiperals and map them to each player. More than one keyboard or mouse can be plugged into the system with the use of USB hubs. However the port does not retain online multiplayer.

Players can map multiple keyboard and mice for better precision.
Players can map multiple keyboard and mice for better precision.

Instead this version is compatible with the Playstation 2's iLink Cable. Up to two systems can link together. The instruction manual states up to four systems can link up, however the main menu only allows for two players. To allow for up to four systems to link together, link the systems via an iLink hub, then one player will need to host a server, then during gameplay pause the game and enter the following code:


The game will then unpause and display the "Waiting for Other Players," message. Then the other three players can join the game.


The soundtrack was released November 22nd 1999, there are no particular order for the tracklist.

1."Opening"Alexander Brandon & Michiel Van Den Bos1:23
2."Menu"Alexander Brandon2:00
3."The Course"Michiel Van Den Bos4:28
4."Nether Animal"Michiel Van Den Bos5:00
5."Into the Darkness"Alexander Brandon2:43
6."Mechanism Eight"Andrew Sega6:14
7."Run"Michiel Van Den Bos4:29
8."Mission Landing"Michiel Van Den Bos4:13
9."FireBR (Fire Breath)"Tero Kostermaa & Kai-Eerik Kompaa3:15
10."Lock"Alexander Brandon2:44
11."Foregone Destruction"Michiel Van Den Bos4:14
12."BotMCA #10"Michiel Van Den Bos4:12
13."Razorback"Peter Hajba4:43
14."Cannonade"Michiel Van Den Bos1:55
15."Enigma"Dan Gardopée3:24
16."Save Me"Alexander Brandon1:51
17."Underworld 2"Alexander Brandon3:09
18."Seeker"Dan Gardopée3:26
19."Skyward Fire"Michiel Van Den Bos4:56
20."Colossus"Michiel Van Den Bos4:17
21."BotPack #9"Michiel Van Den Bos4:49
22."Go Down"Alexander Brandon2:59
23."Three Wheels Turning"Alexander Brandon2:25
24."SuperFist"Alexander Brandon1:57
25."Phantom"Alexander Brandon & Michiel Van Den Bos5:50
26."Organic"Alexander Brandon3:03
27."Room of Champions"Alexander Brandon2:15
28."Ending"Alexander Brandon1:09

Original/Official System Requirements


  • Operating System: Linux 2.2.x with glibc 2.1
  • CPU: Intel Pentium II
  • Memory 64 MB ; Recommended: 128 MB
  • Hard Drive Space 550 MB of free space
  • Network Internet connection required for online multiplayer

Windows Minimum

  • Operating System: Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT 4.0 (will also run on XP/Vista/7/8 and even server versions without a problem).
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 200 MHz
  • Memory: 32 MB
  • Hard Drive Space: 120 MB of free space
  • Network Internet connection required for online multiplayer

Windows Recommended

  • CPU: Pentium II 266 MHz
  • Memory: 64 MB
  • Hard Drive Space: 605 MB of free space
  • Network Internet connection required for online multiplayer


  • Operating System: Mac OS 7.6 or higher
  • CPU: PowerPC 603e 200 MHz or faster
  • Memory: 64 MB
  • Hard Drive Space: 120 MB of free space