Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together is the second game in the Ogre Battle Series.


Tactics Orge: Let Us Cling Together, the second game directed by Yasumi Matsuno, is a turn-based RPG with a branching storyline and multiple endings based on moral decisions. Developed by Quest Corporation, it received good reviews, however few copies were made as it was a limited release. Originally released for the Super Famicom (Japanese SNES) in Japan on October 6, 1995, it was later debuted in the US on the Playstation. A remake of Tactics Ogre has been released for the PSP (Tactics Ogre: Wheel of Fate) and was released on February 15, 2011. The remake featured a re-translation of the script, enhanced graphics, and numerous other changes to the core game.


The Game takes place in the kingdom of Valeria, an island where three main ethnic groups vie for political control. The three castes are Bacrumese, the upper class people of the land, Gargastan, diverse common making up the majority of the people in Valeria, and Walstanian which are a oppressed minority who live in the most southern part of Valeria.

Normal Interface
Normal Interface

Many years ago Valeria flourished as a trade port, however war brewed between ethnic groups. This continued for years until Dolgare, a man desiring peace and unity, rose to power, becoming the King of the entire island. In order to assure feuds would be eradicated, he set up an official religion and encouraged inter-ethnic marriages. He spent much of his time quelling arguments and altercation. His reign lasted for half a century.

After King Dolgare's death, the leader of the Bacrumese, Bishop Branta, dominated the aristocratic class. With Bishop Branta in command and military support from Lodis, a major country north of Valeria, the Bacrumese declared the independence of the capital city of Heigm, establishing Bacrum-Valeria. Branta proposed conquering the entire island, however this was subjugated by the leader of the Dark Knight Order of Roslolian, Lans Tartare, as he did not want to waste military power by having a "useless war". Thus Branta was forced to yield to Lans Tartare's objection, giving up the invasion.

In-Town Closeup
In-Town Closeup

The South part of Valeria, was split into two main groups; Gargastan which made up seventy percent of the population which supported the nationalist movement lead by Barbatos, and Walstanians which covered about ten percent of the population. The Gargastan people declared war against the Walstanians. The Walstanians, being outnumbered seven to one, were massacred. Duke Ronway was made ruler of Walsta and for half of a year he lead its people in defense against the Gargastans to no avail. Walsta was defeated and Cardinal Barbatos established the Gargatan Kingdom. Despite Barbatos attempts to stop the internal disputes, the oppression of Walstanians never ceased.

What remained of the Walsta fought back against the Gargastan Kingdom until Duke Ronway was captured. Duke Ronway's imprisonment left Walsta's people desperate, and many moved into a Walsta self-governing district which was provided by the Gargastans.

The game starts in the port town of Griate, the player takes control of Denim, a soldier of the Walsta Liberation Army.

Gameplay Mechanics

Item Management
Item Management

Like other tactical turn-based RPGs, the player has a team of several characters with negotiable classes. Battles take place on isometric battlefields. In contrast to tactical turn-based RPGs, the order of movement is determined by the stats of individual characters. Battles are broken up by in-engine cutscenes, exploration is preformed via grid-based movement, and Inventory is managed via map interface.


Denim Powell

Denim Powell
Denim Powell

Raised as a Walstanian, however during the game, he discovers his true identity. Denim Mown (Powell) is actually a Bacrum, and he alone can tip the balance in the war between Walstain and Bacrum.

Kachua Powell

Kachua Powell
Kachua Powell

Follows her brother everywhere, until she tires of the fighting and runs away. It is later revealed by the Dark Knights that her real name is Bersalia Overis and that she is the heir apparent of King Dolgare's throne. If she dies, Denim becomes ruler, but if she lives, she retains control of the throne - this is completely dependent on the player's choices.

Vice Bozeg

Vice Bozeg
Vice Bozeg

Denim's best friend. His role is entirely determined by the moral choices of the player.

Lans Hamilton

Lans Hamilton
Lans Hamilton

Made an appearance in prequel Ogre Battle, the Holy Knight, Lans was dispatched by King Tristan to find the Brunhild, Fenril's Holy Sword. Lans defended Rime during the attack from Bacrum, but was overpowered and captured by the Dark Knights. Once freed from Heigm Castle, he was then corrupted.

Lans Tartare

Lans Tartare
Lans Tartare

As the leader of the Roslolian Dark Knights, he is one of sixteen Knights privileged to have the title Death Templar, which is the paramount of prestigious titles in Lodis. It is said that he holds the power of a hundred knights.

Judah Ronway

Judah Ronway
Judah Ronway

The leader of the Walsta Liberation Army for, which Denim is a soldier. Their sole purpose is to usurp the oppression of the Gargastan Kingdom. He dies regardless of the moral decisions of the player.

Rayunder Barbatos

Rayunder Barbato
Rayunder Barbato

Leader of the Gargastan Army and instigator of the "ethnic cleansing policy" responsible for a third of the Walstanians being massacred, he spends most of his time plotting conquest of Valeria. He dies regardless of the players actions. He either commits suicide or is executed for his crimes by Duke Ronway.

Branta Mown

Branta Mown
Branta Mown

He helped cover up King Dolgare's fling with a servant by the request of the Queen. He gave Bersalia, the illegitimate daughter to his brother Plancy to be raised as Kachua Powell. The Queen promoted him to the highest-ranked religious official in Valeria, the title of Bishop. However, because of his lust for power, he sought help from the Dark Knights, and when they would not help him conquer all of Valeria, he turned to Dragon Magic and the Forbidden Power. He dies during the assault of Heigm from the Liberation Army.



Hitoshi Sakimoto & Masaharu Iwata composed the music which was released in 1995 under the label DataM/Polystar.

Track listings

Disk One - Original Version (68:36)Disk Two - MIDI Version (59:46)Disk Three - MIDI Version (43:55)
  1. Overture (1:03)
  2. Unit March (1:24)
  3. Chaotic Island (2:57)
  4. Fortune Teller 2 (1:14)
  5. Catastrophe (1:30)
  6. Island Atlas (0:38)
  7. Prepare to Take the Field (0:40)
  8. Blasphemous Experiment (1:38)
  9. A Cygnet (0:53)
  10. Vendetta! (1:17)
  11. Theme of WLO (0:41)
  12. Fog of Phantom (2:08)
  13. Footsteps From Darkness (1:00)
  14. Song of Tundra (1:15)
  15. Religious Precepts (0:31)
  16. Fight It Out! (2:14)
  17. Retreat (0:08)
  18. A Color of Chaos (0:19)
  19. Blessed Memory (0:37)
  20. Warren Report (0:45)
  21. Three Kings (1:39)
  22. Insincerity (1:34)
  23. Breath of the Earth (3:44)
  24. Agitation (1:03)
  25. Air Land (2:03)
  26. Theme of the Priest (1:13)
  27. Fact of Shock (0:45)
  28. Chivalry and Savagery (1:47)
  29. Notice of Death (1:50)
  30. Limitation (2:40)
  31. Prayer (0:48)
  32. Theme of Black Knight (1:25)
  33. Box of Sentiment (1:06)
  34. Emotion and Absence of Mind (1:52)
  35. Deathrattle (1:15)
  36. Unsealed (5:57)
  37. Reminiscence (2:30)
  38. Awakening (1:52)
  39. Coronation (1:27)
  40. Passing Moment (3:30)
  1. Overture (1:08)
  2. Unit March (2:50)
  3. Chaotic Island (2:46)
  4. Fortune Teller 2 (2:31)
  5. Catastrophe (1:30)
  6. Island Atlas (1:14)
  7. Prepare to Take the Field (1:03)
  8. Avilla Henya (3:35)
  9. Glory (0:17)
  10. War Situation (1:31)
  11. Harvest Dance (2:00)
  12. Restriction on Power (1:24)
  13. Blasphemous Experiment (3:24)
  14. A Cygnet (1:47)
  15. Vendetta! (2:35)
  16. Theme of WLO (1:09)
  17. Fog of Phantom (4:20)
  18. Footsteps From Darkness (1:59)
  19. Song of Tundra (2:37)
  20. Religious Precepts (1:00)
  21. Fight It Out! (3:25)
  22. Retreat (0:10)
  23. A Color of Chaos (0:21)
  24. Blessed Memory (1:16)
  25. Warren Report (0:57)
  26. Three Kings (3:19)
  27. Insincerity (2:12)
  28. Breath of the Earth (3:47)
  29. Agitation (1:25)
  30. Air Land (2:14)
  1. Theme of the Priest (1:48)
  2. Fact of Shock (2:01)
  3. Chivalry and Savagery (2:58)
  4. Notice of Death (2:30)
  5. Limitation (2:59)
  6. Prayer (1:37)
  7. Theme of Black Knight (2:51)
  8. Box of Sentiment (1:19)
  9. Emotion and Absence of Mind (2:20)
  10. Deathrattle (1:10)
  11. Unsealed (5:32)
  12. Reminiscence (2:36)
  13. Awakening (1:54)
  14. Coronation (1:17)
  15. Passing Moment (3:30)

MIDI New Version
16. Chapter A (3:57)
17. Theme of Cygnet (3:27)