Ford Bold Moves Street Racing

A racing game with cars from the Ford company.


Bold Moves is the name given to the US version of Ford Street Racing. This is the sequel to Ford Racing 3, and features 18 licensed Ford cars. Unlike previous versions of Ford Racing, this version of the game has you leading a racing team. At the start of the game, you are given a small amount of money, and are asked to select whether to buy a Focus SVT or a Fiesta RS. Once you have selected a car, you must race other drivers. You can command your team to push up, and also to just keep an even pace.

The European version of the game was incompatible with some Playstation 2 models, as it was produced on blue CDs. SCPH-300003 and 500003 models could not run this game, although older models could. This was a problem with almost all games produced by Xplosiv.