In this sequel to Devil Dice, players use explosive dice to clear the board and solve puzzles.


Bombastic, known as XI Go in Japan is the sequel of cult-hit Devil Dice (Playstation, 1998). Bombastic was released on Playstation 2 in 2002.

The game includes several game modes, some available in the original Devil Dice and others from this version under the Bombastic tag.

BombasticTrial Mode
BombasticQuest Mode
BombasticWar Mode
Devil DiceClassic Mode
Devil DiceAdvanced Mode
Battle ModeOnly available in Classic and Advanced. 2 Players.


The player is put in control of Aqui-chan, who walks along the face of a field of dice that rotate as she moves from die to die. The aim is to line up a number of like dice to match the number on the face. For example, to clear the number five, you align five adjacent dice with the number five facing up.

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Properly aligned dice will explode and also remove any adjacent dice that are one digit lower than the aligned dice. The campaign mode also adds enemy characters to the game board which can be defeated by exploding dice.

The game supports up to five-player multi-player via multi-tap.