Clive Barker's Jericho

A squad-based FPS with a story by the acclaimed horror writer Clive Barker. The player controls a team of seven characters, equipped with both firearms and supernatural powers, as they uncover the secrets of an ancient Middle Eastern city full of ghastly creatures.
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Jericho is an FPS published by Codemasters. It is the third game to feature the involvement of horror writer Clive Barker (including EA's Undying and the canceled Demonik). In it the player takes charge of the seven-man Jericho squad as they investigate the Middle Eastern city of Al Khali. They fight through several historical eras, such as World War I and the Crusades, encountering enemies from each period. At the center of the city is the Firstborn, which God created before Mankind.

The squad uses a combination of conventional firearms and supernatural powers (including pyrokinesis and telekinesis). Players can posses any member of the squad to use these powers, revive injured members, and issue squad commands.

Clive Barker in one of his recent interviews stated that he is currently working on the a sequel and gave fans the hint on where it will begin, in a ship with hundreds of children at the middle of the sea. Clive Barker also asserted that this game will be a trilogy. An exact release date is yet to be confirmed by Codemasters.


The game features 7 members of a Jericho squad:

Devin Ross

  • Weapon: Patrioteer
  1. Primary Fire: Automatic Assault Rifle
  2. Secondary Fire: Underslung Automatic Shotgun
  • Special ability: Resurrection

Xavier Jones

  • Weapon: Patrioteer
  1. Primary Fire: Automatic Assault Rifle
  2. Secondary Fire: Underslung Automatic Shotgun
  • Special abilities: Astral Projection and Possession

Simone Cole

  • Weapon: Assault Rifle
  1. Primary Fire: Automatic Fire
  2. Secondary Fire: Grenades
  • Special abilities: Infinite Loop (Slows down time for all but Simone) and Firestorm (Increases damage dealt by squads gunfire

Paul Rawlings

  • Weapons: Faith & Destiny, Twin Desert Eagles
  1. Primary Fire: Fire Left Gun
  2. Secondary Fire: Fire Right Gun
  • Special abilities: Ghost Heal (Acts like Devin's Resurrection) and Vlad's Curse (Drains enemy health and heals your squad)

Abigail Black

  • Weapon: Flash Thought
  1. Primary Fire: Sniper Round
  2. Secondary Fire: Grenade Launcher
  • Special abilities: Ghost Bullet (Guide bullet from one enemy to the other) and Telekinesis (Can deflect certain attacks)

Frank Delgado

  • Weapons: Hells Keeper / Pain
  1. Primary Fire: Continuous fire Mini-Gun
  2. Secondary Fire: Semi-Automatic Pistol
  • Special abilities: Ababinili Attack (Spirit homes in on enemies)and Ababinili Flame Barrier (Protective)

Billie Church

  • Weapons: Nodachi / Kenjuu
  1. Primary Fire: Nodachi (Sword strikes/combo)
  2. Secondary Fire: Kenjuu (Sub-machine gun pistol)
  • Special abilities: Blood Ward (Paralyzes enemies)and Fire Ward (Damages enemies)


Mission 1: Al-Khali (Current Time)

  • The Storm
  • The Tomb
  • Operation Vigil
  • Al Khali
  • Green
  • Man down!

Mission 2: World War II (1942)

  • Still with you
  • The Path of Souls
  • Blackwater
  • Ambush
  • Flames of anger
  • Exorcism
  • Brandenburg Gate

Mission 3: The Crusaders (1213)

  • Rivers of blood
  • Motley Crew
  • Sewers
  • Out of the Frying Pan
  • Tortured souls
  • Black Rose

Mission 4: Roman Provinces (38 AD)

  • Imperium
  • The low road
  • Decadence
  • Temple of pain
  • Gardens of Hell
  • Morituri te salutant
  • Guts

Mission 5: Sumeria (3000 BC)

  • The GodSeal
  • Spiritual guide
  • Skin
  • Flesh
  • Blood
  • Sacrifice
  • Pyxis Prima

Special Editions

In North America, a special edition of the game was released in limited quantities through GameStop. This version of the game came packaged in a steelbook case and included an "Image Vault" Art Book and a "Making of" DVD, as well as the game's soundtrack.


Album Cover
Album Cover

The original score for Clive Barker's Jericho was composed by Cris Velasco.

Track No.Song TitleRunning Time
Legend of the Firstborn
The Coloseum
Path of the Righteous
Corpse Behemoth
Unholy Rapture
Lost Souls of the Rub'al Khali
The Child Crusaders
The Penitent Man / Vicus Spills His Guts
Let Us Prey
Final Confrontation
Firstborn Theme

PC System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP / Vista
  • CPU: Pentium 2.4 GHz or Athlon XP 2400
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Graphics Card: GeForce 6600 / Radeon X1600
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible
  • Hard Drive Space: 6 GB
  • 2x DVD-ROM Drive

Recommended Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP / Vista
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or Athlon 64 X2
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Graphics Card: GeForce 8800 or Radeon X1950 XTX
  • Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi
  • Hard Drive Space: 6 GB
  • 2x DVD-ROM Drive

Xbox 360 Game Installation

Clive Barker's Jericho requires 5.6GB of space to install on an Xbox 360 HDD.