Imagine Babyz

Imagine Babyz (Known as Imagine Babies in Pal) Is a game similar to Baby Pals which is a baby sitting sim game in which the character is tasked with caring for 6 babies during different development stages. While their grandmother is away and to become a qualified nanny.

Imagine Babyz is a baby care simulator game *Very much like Baby Pals* In this game you are charged with baby sitting the babies your grandmother normally sits wile she is on vacation. *6 of them to be exact* You are also tasked with taking babysitting tests to gain your licence The player is guide by a talking stork on how to care for the baby and read the singles the babies give. The player much do a few different tasks including Feeding,Bathing, Changing, Entertain the babies, And putting the babies to sleep. When you reach the highest level of baby sitting you win the game. There are mini games that include vacuuming. Rocking the babies in their swings and tending the hedges. As you baby sit you will gain money which you can spend on toys paint and other items.